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lance intervene in syria reportedly take shape among the u.s. and its allies despite russia and the arab league putting forward a plan for a political solution. fifteen foreign ministers from all over the world have flown to new york to take part in a high level security council meeting at the united nations discussing the middle east and syria details from new york. american tactics and afghanistan come under question once again as a u.s. soldier killed sixteen people most of them children at a gun rampage. and in spain thousands protested cars and the labor reforms
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the fear might cost them their jobs are two visits a town that's already given up on the crisis hit single currency. and in the business bullets the russian equity markets are shutting value in the first hour of trade several factors are to blame i'll tell you all about it plus i'm sweating that it's. eleven am in the russian capital you are with r t and washington has reportedly begun discussions with allies on a possible military intervention in syria among the measures being considered are arming the opposition sending troops to form a humanitarian corridor and an assault on the country's air to fancy us foreign ministers from member states of the u.n. security council are holding a meeting on syria today. as a new york. this ministerial meeting comes on the heels of several syrian
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developments over the weekend including saturday's session of the arab league nations in cairo following that event of russia's foreign minister announced that the parties had come up with a five point plan on syria now those points include calling for an immediate end to all violence a cease fire on both sides un arab league envoy kofi annan also wrapped up his two day trip. he said that syria is ready to make a success of honest effort to find a solution for the events that are taking place there but neither sides were ready to reach consensus neither sides meaning the assad government or the opposition groups both are saying that they're willing to participate in dialogue but no neither side has said they will put their weapons down first now the syrian national council leader also said that his group is receiving donations from
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foreign governments i he said that the council is starting to recede receiving a support in donations from arab and non arab countries meanwhile france and morocco said they are opposed to any military intervention into syria but on the other hand prime minister said that he is urging through or the syrian national council to be recognized as quote legitimate representation of the syrian people not the assad government the prime minister also has called for international troops to be sent to syria to deal with the current regime now we know from previous unfoldings at the united nations that russia and china are strongly opposed to any international intervention into syria both countries have used their vetoes on two separate occasions to prevent resolutions to go through the security council that took sides in the syrian conflict this meeting taking place in new
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york today of course it will also be discussing how to move forward on syria in a more balanced way to end violence as soon as possible. guitar in saudi arabia have criticized moscow for supporting the policy saying it's chaos had free rein to kill civilians by us anti-war activists and journalists don de bar says the two countries are in no position to criticize russia because ours saudi arabia both know about killing innocent citizens they've been doing it for their entire existence and they're doing it in bahrain now i don't think they're in any position to discuss what basically a rational constructive role that russia has played in this which is stopping another libya from coming into existence and leaving the bases for democratic change in syria the idea that the arming terrorist group is constructive is a perversion of logic and a perversion of law i mean the biggest problem is the fact that there's no
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perception or fact of any prevailing international law you have sitting in paris the head of these syrian national you know the s.n.c. you know he's the head of an armed terrorist group opening an operating openly in paris now if this were the head of al qaida after the attacks in new york for example there wouldn't be a place on the planet where the united states wouldn't have the entire united nations marching in courting them off the court or killing him and dumping him at sea obviously this group could not operate in syria with impunity without the backing of the united states and the you know the arab league countries. guitar's aggressive stance towards assad as lead to string elf resignations at the country's al-jazeera t.v. news channel and those who left describe bias at the station which they say has become a tool to target the syrian regime they point pacific war yeah the way the recent referendum on a new constitution was more or less ignored journalist afshin rattansi who worked for al-jazeera says there's been a u.
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turn in the channel its policy was. his unprecedented this number of resignations that correspond produces directors of their offices it's very sad that al-jazeera arabic which was such a voice for openness that's a revolutionary trial in that part of the world openly allowing people to phone and criticize the dictators backed by the united states in the region it's very very disturbing to hear al-jazeera is now becoming this regional player for a foreign policy in a way that some would argue to be say the b.b.c. and others have been for decades because if al-jazeera arabic is going to take a war like the qatari government this bodes very ill and i have to say there is the courage of those journalists however in saying look this is not what we should be covering this there are elements of al qaida in there and wail jazeera arabic has covered the story of syria is completely one sided. sixteen afghan civilians
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including nine children have been shot dead in their homes by u.s. soldier on an alleged overnight gon rampage the incident false mass protests last month or the burning of copies of a koran at an american military base president hamid karzai has condemned the slaughter as unforgettable and demanded an explanation from washington president barack obama expressed his condolences while the nato secretary general promised to restore the undermining face of the afghan people once a german from the start the war coalition believes that for instance once again raises questions about u.s. military tactics in afghanistan. the americans will try to say this is just an isolated incident but we have to remember that there are one hundred thousand troops there are many many demonstrations over the of the koran that isn't just about the. patience of the airstrikes and particularly in this
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case we know every no it's not up to forty thousand it's a radiant looking for alleged terrorists in the country now if this soldier is of the many who've been involved in these rights and it does raise money many questions as to exactly how the americans and. the occupied population the afghan people. coming out on r t cold war talk hot stop in the u.s. where the presidential campaign of full swing some politicians resorted to russia bashing to score political points. and tweeting retro style we reported on an invention that turned an old rotary phone to tweet. anger has flared up in spain once again as thousands flooded the streets to protest against tough government cuts and the recently passed new labor laws spanish union staged mass rallies in sixty cities and they say
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a labor reform designed to revile eyes economy will actually have a mine workers and their rights laws were cleared by parliament last week and will be made firing employees easier and less costly jobless rate is the highest in eurozone with almost half of its young population unemployed however while the government struggles to stay the single currency there's a town that's already going back to the good old days. the feeling of that year that moment so it's no surprise that in some places currency is in the stranger in the euro more than a decade ago you thought you'd seen the last of the old spanish. you room with a conscience such a tough economic situation such as the village my own. have been encouraging that cut through their old. way of generating business. unlike of the country spain has no expire you date for exchanging it's all to set is in fact the
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native but there are more than a billion euros worth of an exchange because that is still in the country they somehow answer run schemes to once again except the giving new like to the old current they were from some other towns in spain had run their scheme and it worked very well there so we thought why not trade here is being greatly economy of the town what's it like painting a business in the code economic climate. it can be very tough and very boring i spend a lot of evenings making my own fines for flying fish it keeps me entertained but i was right about it being created certainly what this town letting them more than a million. six thousand a year is. it's not just towns or villages that are contributing to spain's alternative economy here in the heart of the capital we come to the store that's the way to avoid using cash altogether. they can certainly is
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a good six change the way the point system tells us the winning kids get points for days because you can then purchase other things in the store and best of all no cash needed it's own idea but think it's interesting to. barter for in something that you no longer need and something that you do. i actually really like second hand me and my husband. recently when i wasn't keeping . it was in construction so no three be cheaper than better. well the solutions are perhaps a temporary reprieve to be ongoing price is the all three thing even to die economic times isn't if you can find ways to learn and at least make you. happy custom is. the thing. and to go to argue dot com our web site the war news blogs and analysis on the russian and international
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stores here's a taste so what's waiting for the on line. abandon on the world legend u.k. companies deny their own ponies the right to wear a cross or of course a fake out war. the russian opposition once again tries to capture of public attention by protesting against the results of a presidential election but support falls away the full story is that our dot com. is the. to. be official only obligation to enjoy
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a phone call charge from the. watch all she is on the go. below. the old girl's. ownership street now in the palm of your. machine on the. old school rhetoric is alive in the us sixty five years after president harry truman formulate of washington's policy of becoming the world's policeman and as the campaign for the next president gains momentum candidates are doing. a little cold war talk of to your own party is going to count looks at whether the recent very sad with russia could fall victim to local politics in the us. the cold war mean long be over with the leaders of russia and america looking for common ground under the banner of a reset in relations a cold war sentiment still run high in the minds of some on capitol hill
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a hearing in washington was convened last year to discuss quote defending u.s. interests in the face of russian aggression moscow's actions have demonstrated the lengths that it is prepared to take to assert its influence on an even larger scale a fact that is especially troubling in light of europe's growing dependence on russian energy eagerness to protect the world from russia's influence seems to president harry truman speech which arguably heralded the start of the cold war. the united states. but for people who are resisting it the. right pressure is one of the leading presidential contenders me one me went as far as this i think that president bush represents a real threat to the. stability and peace of the world and only say many american politicians and mastered the art of creating and bashing boogyman especially when election campaigns are underway during the cold war for example being hard on
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communism was considered a litmus test for a solid trustworthy politician and he got on both sides of the ocean with all this i suppose the third say that it's some kind of cold war inertia but there's a desire to. speak tough talk tough when it comes to foreign policy in order to sell your campaign to the wider population in the among the most hardline anti russian politicians are those will also create unilateralism in foreign policy which means the u.s. can and will decide what every tree of this for the rest of the world an idea which flourished after the soviet union's collapse and neo cons are having a particularly difficult time with it use the idea to pick and no longer simply snap their fingers and call the shots just ten years ago when the united states was also thinking about it that is exactly how the rock working in the new york times running the show in washington they didn't seem to need to consult the great powers
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to determine whether their course of action working since dr was them the reset policy was put forward in theory to overcome the cold war mindset but a number of differences still remain between russia and the u.s. one of the biggest u.s. plans for a missile defense shield in europe washington still refuses to give moscow legal guarantees that it won't target plush prison the likes lemon which is said resay doesn't mean they're rushing us to give up its national interest or be unable to express its value some socially international issues. jimmy noble reserve has nevertheless. because it's a new please trust is a real will to reach an agreement which is allowed us to reach a treaty. which is sorely agreement on corporation in the field of peaceful nuclear energy which ended with us bested russia was able to join the world trade organization these are positive steps tangible results of the recent policy.
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most analysts agree for the reset to be truly successful both sides have to respect and consider each other's interests the cold war is long gone but it's alive and kicking in the minds of those who believe that one country has the exclusive right to make decisions for others and that's a view which appears to be stuck in the minds of many u.s. politicians even to this day i'm going to check our reporting for washing our teeth . also some other stories from around the world israeli air strikes have killed two militants in gaza in a fourth day of violence which has seen twenty people their lives including a child as the worst of violence the region has seen in more than a year the first attack from israel came despite a formal truce between the sides it's harder to high ranking palestinian resistance leader and sparked a fierce exchange of fire. fourteen people died when a fire broke out of the side were a shopping sounder it was being built in the turkish city of a sample construction workers were housed in temporary quarters on the building site turkish state television reports that an electrical fault is this suspect the
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cause of a blaze. i don't lash rally on sunday nicolas sarkozy war in france will pull out of the e.u.'s open border shan't get agreement unless the union toughen stop its immigration policy earlier the french president pledged to have a number of illegal immigrants if he's reelected border control has been a key issue as the country has towards the first round of the presidential polls april. front. cover us will transfer control of afghan prisoners to local forces over the next six months clearing one sticking point on a path towards withdrawing combat troops by twenty fourteen washington is also looking to pass on the key responsibility of nitrates in the country but artie's military contributors as it's the taliban that is banking on the agreements the next week it is expected that yet another memorandum of understanding will be
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reached and signed between american and afghans regarding the u.s. night raids special operations forces it was one of the main hidden agenda and demands from the taliban and their associates there is to ever going to rise both that afghan penitentiary system and nitrates in the country. because government especially the national security forces totally. corrupt and increasingly infiltrated by the insurgents makes marching more sounds for the taliban to give the op or hand in nonmilitary field operations in their own fight for the hearts and minds you know again history accessing facebook or twitter is as easy as can be
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with a smartphone to hand but what if you're stuck in the past with an old rotary phone that's no longer a problem with an invention from ukraine i search try that he designed. this may only look like an old growth grief phone but in fact it is the world's first analog twitter client created in ukraine the case of a crazy suggestion turning into a bizarre invention of a friend of mine posted on cooter who would have been to tweet from an old room to a phone we thought a loon realized it was possible by very cheap means that we installed cheap and easy access to microcontrollers inside the room and connected them to the spinning wheel the tree phone was not designed as a commercial item with only for fun but given twitches growing popularity and the widespread love for antiques it could easily become a very trendy tool which we phone is quite easy to use you only have to dial the numbers which corresponds with the letters just as sending a text message on
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a cellular phone so right now i'm sending. a message to myself on twitter. for now the tweet phone is attached only to one twitter account it's very own but couldn't time be expanded if it takes off in the market or to use it for any twitter or similar microblog website while there is certainly room for development from the basic concept as it exists now it's created believes it could bring twitter onto the streets and i'm going to do is. we actually thought it would be great to be a good alternative therapies and install something like political movements in the street for those of us who everyone can work in and besides any cool unit will just want you to have a purpose or plan for now twitter's owners have not contacted the three phones masterminds but who knows should an enthusiastic investor pop out sometime in the future we could be seen to be thawing bullets on every corner let's see russia see
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reporting from kiev in ukraine. well the green fields of nepal could turn into our cultural battle zone as local farmers prepare for foreign invasion a giant and controversial food producer is hoping to boost local maize production by its genoud when modified seeds could bring more harm than good esprit streeter now reports like many in nepal promptly relies on agriculture to turn by and light is tough. we have to get sort of in the freezing cold or three and wait for the vehicle that takes us to the markets we have a market price for a vegetable oils and we have to sell the much more to eat nothing of grozny is one of nepal biggest crops but only about half of what it needs is being produced and forty percent of the population is malnourished. united states agency for international development or us wants to lend a helping hand we have been trying to help. to increase in production production
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of the four crops. and also in please to get by making him a little bit more competitive. by bringing his costs down so that help could come in the form of months of an agricultural giant which shows as much controversy as it does feed usa id has announced it wants to create a partnership with monsanto and in a police government to boost maize production here while most agree that nepal needs to address its food insecurity problems critics say that maybe the solution to nepal's agricultural issues should come from within the country and not abroad hundreds of protesters gathered in front of the us embassy in kathmandu to speak out against months on trial as it is our farmers are poor they don't have much to begin with then they'll have to completely rely. on south of us the idea believes month antos hybrid seeds will get higher yields but it could all still be used
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around farmers now you saw the into the stroke and then you start buying seeds from them so you know one might produce a good. year to start sorting and then it means that you have to increase in because you have to. buy seeds from this company because it's going down to corporations history is not exactly covered in chlorine it's been sued by hundreds of thousands of farmers around the world convicted of dumping toxic waste in british land and allegations of monopolization follow it everywhere farmers like romper have enough to deal with. times when there is no food it's room and those are the difficult times because i didn't have another job where i did get some extra money from our own. but it's a tough decision whether to swallow the cost to you can nation preassure there are t.
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kathmandu nepal. our personalities who natasha and our business desk so natasha watts' hitting the headlines in a world of business today. well many investors with all the doom and gloom coming out of europe many investors really see china as the only glimpse of hope but now we see some bad statistics coming out of china as well in fact china reported a trade deficit on more than thirty one billion dollars over the weekend china's a large just in a decade indefinitely bigger than most analysts expected the good news is that we saw some growth in imports they jumped by almost forty percent which is the strongest growth in more than a year but the bears seem to outweigh the bulls on the asian trading floors this monday let's now see how the indices are performing this hour and as you can see both the nikkei and the hang seng are in the red the hang seng is losing more than a quarter percent the nikkei was holding onto its gains for most of the morning
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trade but it has slipped into red a little more than an hour ago and here in law school predictably the indices are also losing value. basically the r.t.s. and m i six are seeing some serious losses in the second hour of trade but of course one of the major factors of for the russian equity markets is the price of oil and oil is certainly lower of this monday morning mainly on concerns about the economic growth slowing economic growth and say in china the biggest energy consumer and let's now take a look at how the currencies are trading the euro is lower against the dollar and the russian ruble is losing value against. the euro and the dollar. and we see some other negative headlines that really add to the bad mood for
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instance capital outflow. outflow continues to dog of the russian the russian economy on monday commerce on daily reported that some statistics from the central bank and specifically said that russian banks continued to boost their foreign assets by twelve billion dollars in the month of january that's the biggest monthly jump in about three years and the u.k. not delusional from a systemic in moscow things that capital outflow will continue to be a major problem for russia this year right now we lose our position versus many many our competitors in emerging markets in terms of attraction capital not only residents but also residents expect to see private capital outflow even if you for. beyond current level so if we see one hundred twenty dollars per about a thousand and one hundred thirty plus in two thousand and thirteen still an environment which may potentially generate great progress private capital outflow
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if no reforms are introduced. and that's all latest from the business desk i'll be back in about fifteen minutes. culture is the same i'm going to give each musician time to mark let me cast me to
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the middle east and beyond what is the condition of the arab spring or a humanitarian interventions effective what about the lack. of. emission free accreditation free disclosures free. arrangements free. free stews free. and free blanquita cullum videos for your media projects and free media gone to our teeth on time. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so for life you think you understand it.


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